Dragon NFX2 Break Tear Offs + Lens Shield Motocross Goggles + Pack 10 Green


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The sequel to the immensely popular NFX is finally here.

Dragon has certainly spared no expense when it comes to these NFX2 goggles.

The removable outrigger allows Dragon NFX2 to achieve a tighter seal around the face and makes tear-off application and removal a simple, effective task.

The NFX2 also features Dragon’s patented frameless technology, anti fog treated lens, armored venting, premium quadruple-foam technology, silicone beaded strap backing, removable nose guard and extra wide peripheral view that sets the industry standard for vision.

The phenomenal Swift Lock system allows for lens replacement in just seconds.

In addition to this, there are some standard features:
- Dragons patented Frameless Technology.
- Super Anti-Fog treated Lexan lens
- Removable nose protection.
- Durable, shock resistant frame in polyurethane.
- Layered foam with micro fleece for comfort.
- Removable outriggers.
- Silicone lined strap..
- Scratch resistant coating on the lens.
- Tear Offs and lens protection included.

About the brand

Dragon is an American company which manufactures sunglasses and goggles. They make unique, stylish, functional goggles for motocross, snowmobile and other action sports. Dragon goggles offers both good looks as well as good protection for the eyes..

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