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Dr. Zipe is a Swedish company that is one of the leading goggle and sunglasses brands in the world. Thanks to their unique design, high quality and outstanding feature Dr. Zipe is a brand that really stands out and shows aesthetic genius.


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About Dr.Zipe

Dr. Zipe, owned by Future, is a brand that has become known for firmly standing out within the market. Dr. Zipe designs and produces trendy goggles and sunglasses but also other products such as hats and ski helmets. Dr. Zipe was founded in 2006 and since then has done everything they can to be noticed and stand out. It is not for nothing their products are usually called aesthetic madness and technological ingenuity. The founders of Dr. Zipe had from the outset a belief that they could create a unique goggle brand and in retrospect, one can say that they have done well.

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