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Five! is used by all motorcycle riders who are keen to have the gloves made from the absolute best quality. Five's gloves are produced with help from best motorcycle riders in the world, based on four key areas: safety, comfort, technology and design.


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About Five

Five was founded in 2004 and has since put 100% of their time and resources in developing a complete and technically adapted range of gloves for the motorcycle sport. Five's goal from the start has been to be number one in the world in terms of production and sales of motorcycle gloves. Five only specialize in the production of gloves, unlike many other brands that only sell motorcycle gloves as an accessory. Five's gloves are developed in collaboration with the best motorcycle riders in the world with a group of specialized engineers and designers. Working on the basis of four key areas: safety, comfort, technology and design. Five strive to always deliver the gloves that meet consumers needs and expectations.

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