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Haynes is a world-leading publisher and producer of repair manuals for motorcycles, motocross, quad, car and mopeds. Simple and easy to understand with many images, perfect for anyone without the need of a mechanical degree.


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About Haynes

John Haynes wrote and published his first book in 1956, the book was about how to build an Austin 7. The first "real" repair manual Haynes wrote came a few years later while he was doing his national service in the Royal Air Force in Aden. A friend of Haynes had bought an Austin-Healey Sprite, which was in poor condition and when they went to fix it, they tried to use a BMC workshop manual. The book was too technical and difficult to follow so Haynes decided that they would dismantle the car engine itself and make their own guide. The engine was dragged into the apartment of Haynes, dismantled and photographed. Haynes manual was first produced with 3000 copies that were then all sold out within three months. Since the, Haynes Publishing was founded in 1960, millions of repair manuals were sold worldwide and today there are around 300 English repair manuals for cars and over 130 repair manuals for motorcycles.

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