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Stylish goggles with really great features!

The first thing you notice when you handle the Accuri model is the incredible comfort. The foam consists of three layers that both stop sweat and ventilate. The lens has 9 attachment points and can easily be replaced. The best thing about goggles from 100% is that all models are built on the same frame. That means you can buy which lenses and tearoffs you want, and be sure that they fit your model. Smooth!

- Durable urethane frame.
- 9 attachment points in the lens.
- 45 mm wide, silicone coated strap.

- Microfiber bag.
- Extra lens (ready).

About the brand

100% started in the early 80s by Drew Lien with an extremely small budget and no real plan. Now we see 100% motocross goggles and motocross gloves worn by many MX pro riders..

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