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Since its inception in 1976, Öhlins had the ambition to deliver superior suspension technology with great focus on quality and performance. Shock absorbers fork springs or oils. Just take a look at Öhlins wide selection!


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About Öhlins

Kenth Ohlin was an avid motocross rider who did not really take it all the way to the prestigious titles. Things got better when he decided to start helping others. Even before Kenth Ohlin started the company in 1976 , he built exhaust pipes , engines and shock absorbers. At last, Öhlins had to choose which way he would want to focus on and the choice fell on the shock absorbers. Öhlins was mainly motocross but in 1987 Öhlins sold 50 % of the company to Yamaha and Öhlins thus took the plunge into motorcycle racing. 2007 Kenth Öhlin bought back the majority of the company and today it is only 5% , which is owned by Yamaha . Today Öhlins is a respected company that manufactures high-performance suspension technology as both original and aftermarket . With nearly 40 years experience and distribution in over 50 countries, Öhlins constantly surpass's their clients' already high expectations.

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