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An incredibly useful tool!

Have you ever accidentally dented your exhaust pipe? A dented exhaust pipe is not just ugly, it also steals horse power. We have the solution!

This tool is used to push out the dents in your exhaust system.
You simply mount the tool on the pipe and apply pressure using a standard compressor with a tyre valve. Heat the area around the dent with a propane torch.

-Saves you a lot of money for those dents from flying stones or minor crashes.

-Works on both 2-stroke and 4-stroke pipes.

-Stylish black anodized finish.

All accessories including taps, wing nuts, rubber gaskets, valves and washers etc are included. All you need is a compressor with a tyre valve and a propane torch or a similar for administering heat.

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Twenty manufactures parts and accessories primarily for motocross and enduro bikes. Their stuff is of good quality and sold at a really good price. Twenty simply gives you a lot for your money..

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