High-Performing MC Products of the best possible quality.

WRP has developed high-quality parts and accessories for MC, motocross and four-wheeling since 1999. Brake levers, barpads, clutch levers. WRP always offers high-performing products of the best possible quality.



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WRP Folding Brake Levers
€ 159.99
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WRP Folding Brake Levers
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About WRP

WRP has offered a range high-level technical products for MC, motocross and four-wheeling since 1999. To ensure the high quality of their products, WRP places emphasis on two things: a strong sponsorship program, which supports the best riders within racings, and the direct testing of their products by professional riders during competitions. WRP sponsors riders and teams within several areas, for example: MotoGP, Moto2, Superbike, MX Freestyle and Supercross. Since 2002, WRP has been an active member of IRTA (International Road-Racing Teams Association), an organization that represents all teams, suppliers and sponsors who participate in MotoGP. WRP's popularity has grown over the years, thanks to the fantastic results achieved by the drivers and teams with the help of WRP's high-quality accessories. WRP's Research and Development staff have more than 30 years of their own riding experience, and work tirelessly to develop quality products for other motorcycle enthusiasts. WRP usually summarizes their vision as being to manufacture parts and accessories for both professional and exercise riders who strive for high quality and outstanding performance.

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