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X-lite X-903 Ultra Carbon Warmflash Full Face Helmet 63


This is X-lite’s exclusive high-carbon version of the full-face touring helmet. It is characterized by a sports-inspired design and an ample range of technical features, some of which are highly innovative. A rich carbon construction, three outer shell sizes, emergency cheek pad removal system (NERS - Nolan Emergency Release System), ultrawide visor, innovative visor mechanism with tilting function, exclusive Magnetic Visor Assembly (MVA) system, VPS sunscreen (adjustable to various positions), double lever Microlock2 retention system with micrometric adjustment or Double D-Ring retention system (according to the product version), Carbon Fitting Racing Experience inner comfort padding (with an innovative net construction), exclusive Liner Positioning Control (LPC) system and set up for the new generation N-Com communication system make the X-903 ULTRA CARBON the most exclusive full-face touring helmet for the most demanding of motorcyclists.

• Extra large field of view due to "Ultrawide" visor (including quick-release and Pinlock® inner visor)
• "Ultra Carbon" version with ultra-light carbon fibre shell for additional weight reduction of up to 110 grams compared to the already extremely light X-903
• Sun visor: UV 400 protection - dark tinted, made of Lexan, scratch resistant coated
• Exclusive "Carbon Fitting" technology for interior upholstery: the activated carbon fibres used are particularly breathable, 100% natural, bacteriostatic and antistatic without prior treatment
• NERS - Nolan Emergency Release System
• Spectacle channel preparation
• 100 % natural, bacteriostatic and antistatic activated carbon fibres (removable and washable)
• Magnet-assisted quick visor assembly
• Set up for the new generation N-Com communication
• Ratchet closure: Microlock² closure for maximum safety
• 1x Pinlock Lens (FSB 4L)
• Weight: From 1540 grams
• EN 22.05