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XLMOTO Husqvarna Supermotard OEM Complete Decal Kit


Finally, we are offering decal kit for the immensely popular supermotard bike from KTM/Husqvarna! The decals are made to order in our own state-of-the-art printing house and are of the highest quality. After the decal has been printed with digital printing, it is laminated with a very strong and transparent plastic material that protects against wear. After this, an acrylate-based glue is applied which causes the decals to stick hard while being removable without leaving glue residue on the covers.

If something goes wrong, pull the sticker off immediately. The longer it is mounted, the more difficult it is to remove.

1: Thoroughly clean the surface (not oil-based agents)
2: Fit the sticker as desired
3: Secure it with masking tape
4: Pull off the background paper in one corner and attach the sticker there
5: Assemble the rest by pulling off a little background paper bit by bit
6: Rub the entire decal, especially the edges, with a cloth so that the adhesive of the decal stick to the surface
7: Let the decals sit for 24 hours before you start riding
8: Ready to go!

*IMPORTANT* If your decal kit contains a tank decal, it must be perforated! Otherwise, there is a high risk that air bubbles will form due to petrol fumes. This is easily done with a razor blade BEFORE mounting.

Personal stickers can NOT be returned/returned.